Individuals of some countries (or from some locations) don't need a charge if their unique amount of relax in Japan are three months or much less plus they are not just will be focused on income-earning actions.

Mean the menu of nations and places having charge immunity plans with Japan.

Q2: I want to request an international nationwide to Japan. What procedures are essential?

A2: (1) when it come to a party invitation for the intended purpose of a short term visit (in the event that you will be appealing relation or contacts, people of a company with which you will do organization, etc. for several visit of 90 days or reduced and will not become having to pay these people an income), please publish a Letter of reason behind Invitation and draft an agenda of Stay. For those who are appealing anyone from Asia / Russia / CIS region / Georgia, incase you'll shell out trips costs instead of the visa customer (which would like to visit Japan), correspondence of promise, the certificates of household of guarantor, and reports affirming the ability of the guarantor to spend the cost should also be prepared aside from the over information regardless of the customer's nationality. (2) With regards to an invite with regards to a long-lasting keep (husband or wife, working, mastering, etc.), it is strongly recommended which you start by deciding on your nigh Regional Immigration agency to enjoy a Certificate of Eligibility granted. (3) After you've cooked every one of those forms, dispatch these to the visa applicant. Examine right here for facts.

Q3: precisely what must I do to receive a certification of qualifications?

A3: Ask your proxy inside Japan to talk making use of their nearest local Immigration agency .

Q4: Is it necessary to go right to the Japanese Embassy / Consulate standard by myself to apply for a visa?

A4: uncover 3 ways to try to get a visa: (1) the visa applicant him/herself looks right to japan Embassy / Consulate regular, (2) the visa consumer composes correspondence of Proxy and get a proxy in store the Japanese Embassy / Consulate General with his / this model place, and (3) the visa customer employs an accredited tour operator approved by the Japanese Embassy / Consulate universal. However, dependant upon the situations inside your place or domain, you will find instances that information should just be supplied by way of the consumer him/herself visiting the Japanese Embassy/Consulate, or through a certified tour operator. Check out the embassy or consulate to which you're planning to happn or tinder put on before you make the program.

Q5: may i sign up for a credit with the nearby Japanese Embassy / Consulate General while traveling in a foreign region?

A5: You could potentially sign up for the visa with the Japanese Embassy / Consulate General a highly effective land (region) or land (domain) of residency (when there is more than one, pertain to the Japanese Embassy / Consulate regular nigh from wherever you live). Put differently, you can't submit an application for a visa at the tour resort; if however you will find inescapable situation, talk to japan Embassy / Consulate universal that you wants to make an application for the charge before generally making the applying.

Q6: exactly why had been my favorite visa application certainly not acknowledged?

A6: or no regarding the adhering to matters apply to an individual, your application may not be acknowledged.

  • (1) services from people keeping Japanese nationality
  • (2) the program is made to japan Embassy / Consulate simple outside your state (domain) of birth or land (region) of residency
  • (3) an individual these days carry a valid charge or re-entry license
  • (4) your own preceding visa application to consult with Japan for a certain intent am denied and you also reapply to see Japan for similar intent within half a year from getting rejected
  • (5) The visa application is already being refined at a different sort of Japanese Embassy / Consulate General
  • (6) there are a few errors or omissions inside the supplied paperwork
  • (7) the time of substance and/or charge add-on room of your respective ticket is inadequate
  • (8) the program is created by an individual who needs the skills to help a proxy application
  • (9) software for issuance of a certification of qualification is pending

2. Product Exam

Q1: How long certainly is the software assessment years?

A1: The standard operating cycle is five working days from your day as soon as the meeting on the approval of program. However, if whatever banking is needed (the submitting of more information, a job interview with all the applicant, questions, etc.), or if perhaps a visa product is made for the objective of a lasting keep without a Certificate of qualifications, etc., the test usually takes longer than five working days (from many weeks to many weeks). Consequently, it is suggested that you make tool some time before the permitted time of deviation.

Q2: precisely why is I asked to deliver added documentation?

A2: at times additional info would be needed for the assessment processes, and often you'll be expected along the way to submit higher reports besides the information recommended as the required forms. Each candidate have different disorders and instances, and often we do not discover these until the program was recognized, thus there are lots of documentation that individuals will not ask people add right from the start. If you fail to submit the additional paperwork, the exam cannot be manufactured any more, and you should struggle to get your visa supplied.

Q3: My own deviation date happens to be approaching thus might you problem the credit as quickly as possible?

A3: we can't make a choice about whether or not to give or avoid the charge tool before the required evaluation has been completed. You plan the applications pretty inside arrange where you got them. Get the visa promptly once your vacation strategy continues chosen.

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