Avoid sanding in a circular or across grain motion. So, figure out what the base color is of the wood type you are going for. Do that layer in paint, and then figure out what the wood grain tones are for the wood type you are going for and do those layers in gel stain. Next pull the 3″ chip brush through the gel stain in the same back and forth strokes. Trying to go all the way across in one sweep (as best you can. Remember wood grain is not perfectly straight). You should see lines that show through to the coat underneath.

how to refinish furniture

Clean the table legs to remove any greasy residue, crumbs, and dust. I used Minwax Fast Drying Polyurethane to finish my tabletop, but to be honest, this is not my favorite product to work with. I find it very difficult to apply smoothly without brushmarks, even when using a foam brush to apply. Then use a clean rag to apply the stain. Wipe it on in long, even strokes and be sure to keep a wet edge. I have an entire post dedicated to painting furniture white including what products to use and how to make sure you prevent bleed-through.

Clean It Up

Prepping the top coat, applying the first coat, using a faux wood staining technique on the next few coats, and lastly, applying the sealer. I have honestly never received such a rude comment. I have a full-time job and am raising 4-year-old twins, so it sometimes takes me a while to respond to the hundreds of comments I receive a week. To answer your question, I did not remove the tung oil finish before applying the poly. If I had taken that step, the tutorial would have stated that. I left a comment a few weeks ago with a pretty straightforward question.

Refinish Furniture Step 3: Apply Stain

This really helped remove the last little traces of stain and leave a perfectly smooth, even surface ready for new stain. If you saw my table from https://www.gomitolodoro.com/schnitzmesser-set/ a distance, you’d think I was crazy for calling it worn out. It is an absolutely beautiful table with gorgeous wood grain and beautiful details.

How To Get A Raw Wood Look On Oak

Overall, I’ve so happy with the results. The table is brighter and lighter, full of rich texture and interesting grain. It blends in beautifully with my coastal decor. Refinishing a table is certainly not my area of expertise, but it is a worthwhile investment of your time and effort if your table is of good quality.

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